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This service is for cleaning your Verizon IMEI if lost/stolen. This service will clean the IMEI of the phone so it does not show lost/stolen. This service will NOT clean or clear the money you owe in your Verizon Account. This service will NOT unlock your device either. If you want to unlock after you clean, you can order our unlocking service after your IMEI is clean.

Not Supported:
✘ Unpaid Balance
✘ Fraud

Service Speed Info:
✔ Service is running Monday-Friday during regular business hours, NO weekend processing.
✔ 85% of orders Avg 1-2 days
✔ 10% of orders take 2-4 days
✔ 5% of orders take 4+ days

Warning: No refund if your iPhone shows financed after clean, this service does not remove your balance owed! No refund if the device owes money in Verizon database. Once submitted, you CANNOT cancel.  This service will clean any Verizon device, NOT UNLOCK. This service is especially used for Verizon users needing to activate there device on Verizon again due to purchasing the device third-party as a lost/stolen device or to be activated on Page Plus for example. It's not guranteed to work with GSM carriers afterwards but some clients report after 1-2 weeks they can use the device on GSM Services.

Warning: If the phone is blocked from financing and it gets cleaned, if customer tries to activate it on Verizon it might go back to blocked.