T-Mobile USA - IMEI Cleaning - All Models High Ratio 100% Stable


Delivery Time 1-3 Weeks

Weekends offline Not counted as working Days

No cancellation Allowed once in process

Service Status Info: Service is currently delayed. If your patient we will always get your order done, source is working on access.

✔ Stolen
✔ Stolen - Insurance
✔ Lost
✔ EIP Blocked - Jump14
✔ Unrecoverable

Not Suported:
✘ Fraud
✘ Blocked

Note:  This service is for unbarring your T-Mobile IMEI. This service will clean the IMEI of the phone so it does not show lost/stolen. This service will NOT clean or clear the money you owe in your T-Mobile Account. This service will NOT unlock your device either. If you want to unlock after you clean, you can order our unlocking service after your IMEI is clean.

Warning: This service is especially used for T-Mobile users needing to activate there device on T-Mobile again due to purchasing the device third-party as a lost/stolen device or to be activated on T-Mobile for example. It's not guranteed to work or clean with GSM carriers afterwards but some clients report after 1-2 weeks they can use the device on GSM Services.

If the phone is blocked from financing and it gets cleaned, if customer tries to activate it on T-Mobile it might go back to blocked.

Warranty Info: There will NO VERIFICATION after 7 days of order due to possible reporting by phone owner of lost or stolen / insurance claims / non payment of financing. We are not responsible for re-blocked after 7 days. We hope you understand before ordering. If device becomes reblocked for any reason, you will have to reorder unfortunately.

Refund Policy: Refunds are allowed in this service but please be patient if you want a refund we must get approval from the supplier.


You can check your IMEI Status: https://www.t-mobile.com/verifyIMEI.asp