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Submission Times During Weekdays: 7:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00.

Weekends: Saturday (31.10.15): No Submissions.

Sunday (1.11.15): No Submission.

Codes will come 1-3 hours after the submission times

Duplicate IMEIs = Strictly No Refund

All level codes come in this service Except RGCK (IF PHONE NEED RGCK NO REFUND)

If Result is Not Found then Try Europe Service


Warning 15-03-2016


Samsung United kingdom Service do not Generate RGCK Code it is notice that samsung latest S7 and S7 Edge which are purchase from ukcarephone ware house are already unlocked phones and they still ask code this code is RGCK Code and not supported in Samsung United kingdom service. the only way to get RGCK Code is samsung Europe All level Service

if u order such case There will be no Refunds. and you will get just NCK AND Defreeze code

Cancellation policy

if service go overdue than the respected time started no cancellation wil be allowed until supplier approve cancel

if u refund your customer without we cancel for you its your total loss

Refund Policy

No Verify No Refund No Video Accepted for non working codes